Choi Kwang Do will not only add years onto your life, but also life onto your years! The system is designed to enhance health, prevent disease and stimulate positive changes in the body and brain.

Chronic disease prevention, treatment and healthcare help people to live longer, happier and more productive lives. Statistics show that just 1 in approximately 10,000 Americans will live to reach 100 years of age. However, demographers are now projecting that by the middle of this century, possibly 800,000 Americans could live to 100 by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

Choi Kwang Do is ideal, not just to improve lifespan, but also to improve health span. Health span could be described as the total number of years an individual remains in good health. There is little point in living longer if the added years are unhealthy, unproductive, unhappy and painful.

Science & Health

Choi Kwang Do can be practiced at variable intensities. Since everything is progressive, people of all fitness levels can learn. All Choi Kwang Do patterns, speed drills, and target drills use sequential movements that result in fluid and connected movements. This is ideal for low to high intensity exercise.

By creating oxygen debt through high intensity workouts, the lung and heart's reserve capacity increases. This is also a more time-efficient and effective way to burn fat and get fit when compared to aerobic exercise.

Supporting Articles

High-Intensity Interval Training Is Time-Efficient and Effective, Study Suggests ScienceDaily (Mar. 12, 2010)

The usual excuse of "lack of time" for not doing enough exercise is blown away by new research published in The Journal of Physiology.

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It is imperative that we use modern advances in science for self-defense, human development, and human health. By embracing science, we can train our bodies more productively, more efficiently, and more healthfully. All Choi Kwang Do techniques use sequential movement, which means that energy transfers naturally from one body segment to the next. This results in maximum force production, decreased chance of injury, and energy efficiency.

Choi Kwang Do techniques employ the parts and areas of bones that are less prone to injury or breakage. Examples include using the first two knuckles when executing inward, upward, and round punches, while using the last three knuckles when executing vertical round punches. This takes into account the angle in which the technique is coming from and the way our joints move. The outward block uses the forearm so that it is positioned to take the force of the attack using two bones instead of one, thereby decreasing the chance of injury.

The structure of joints determines their function. Choi Kwang Do techniques have been designed according to how joints move to result in greater power and efficiency. As a result, there are no lockout movements that overstress joints, which can lead to hyperextension.

There are two types of muscle fibers that are used in Choi Kwang Do. Slow-twitch (Type I) muscle fibers are used when performing patterns with low or medium intensity, while fast-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers are used for more intense short bursts of anaerobic training such as speed drills and target attack drills. Choi Kwang Do patterns and speed drills utilize both sides of the body equally so that there is balanced development.

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