Choi Kwang Do Martial Art InternationalSM is a worldwide organization of affiliated Choi Kwang DoSM schools. The name Choi Kwang Do is derived from the name of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi "Choi Kwang" and the word "Do" means "The Way". Therefore, Choi Kwang DoSM is the art or way of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi.

The essence of the art of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi can be summed up in Power, Health, and Longevity. In his youth he was one of Tae Kwon Do's most tireless and well known instructors promoting Tae Kwon Do. Unfortunately, Grand Master Choi's devotion and drive to promote the art caused him serious joint injuries because of the lock out motions associated with practicing the art. As a result of this, Grand Master Choi had to resign himself from practicing this art. This began his nine year journey in his recovery through his own personal study of health and biomechanics that led to what is now known as Choi Kwang DoSM, a revolutionary 21st Century martial art.

Grand Master Choi's thorough study of biomechanics along with proper sequential movement, and exercise physiology has led him to put together a very powerful martial art generating maximum power in its punches and kicks through proper technique with out damaging the joints. But it does not stop here. The total program in its belt structure and classes provides a road map that enhances ones health and longevity. This road map fits both young and old a like. This total program is what makes this art the essence of power, health, and longevity.

Grand Master Choi has put together a curriculum including DVDs, Student Manuals, Certifications, Seminars, and other related training material to support the growth of students from white belt all the way to school owner and more.

To learn more about the personal journey of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi that led to this most revolutionary martial art, we encourage you take the time to listen to the five part documentary.

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