Korea Seminar 2015


Choi kwang do was introduced to the Korean martial arts fraternity on 10th of October 2010. It was well received by the students and instructors alike. Since then, Choi Kwang Do schools have been established in various cities in Korea.

Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi left Korea in his early twenties as a leading exponent of the well-known Korean martial art tae kwon do. He traveled all over South East-Asia in a six man demolition, sorry demonstration team to spread tae kwon do in the sixties.

Since moving to the US in 1974 because of injuries sustained in the execution of the movements he practiced, the need to invent a new martial art which could re-habilitate his injured body, Choi Kwang Do was born. Choi Kwang Do was introduced to the world on March 2, 1987 after 9 years of research and practical application.

In October of 2015, Grandmaster Choi, his instructors, students and family members descended upon the city of Suwon, South Korea. They came from USA, UK, Moldova, India, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. Sahjonim (Founder) was in Korea since April 2015 to lay the ground work for the approaching seminar. CKD has been established in Daegu High school, Kaist University and Hanseo university.

Choi Kwang Do Activities - 22nd til 28th October.

On Thursday, the first activity to kick off was the black belt testing, 1st degree to 3rd degree.

It was a dream come true for many of the candidates who have been training for this day to test in Korea in front of an international masters’ panel.

Friday, 23rd of October

To the delight of many school owners and instructors, Sahjonim presented all the upgrades for the Choi Kwang Do syllabus. As science advances so does Choi Kwang Do. The Choi Kwang Do system has been upgraded to PACE training (Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion). This method fits perfectly into CKD’s current methods of Speed Drill and Equipment Drill training. P.A.C.E training allows you to burn fat in an extremely efficient manner while boosting your health and reserve capacity.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The day everybody has been waiting for, arrived early and started with the international showcase of excellence.

At 1pm, Sahjonim entered the stage to commence the much anticipated seminar. Grandmaster Choi took all the students and instructors through the Choi Kwang Do system. He explained and demonstrated each technique, patterns, speed drills, target training and shield attack drills.

He also lectured on the benefits of Choi Kwang Do training in accordance with science and how it affects our mental and physical health. Later that evening, the participants and their families were treated to North Korean dance troupe touring South Korea. Followed by a scrumptious Korean / sushi dinner banquet.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Time for high level testing, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th degree black belt candidates were tested in front of the founder of Choi Kwang Do.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The first Choi Kwang Do conference of its kind took place at Hanseo University. All the participants were transported from their hotels, traveling an hour and an half through the city center of beautiful palaces, high rise buildings combined with old style architecture. After the scenic ride, we arrived at the Hanseo University campus to a very warm welcome from the staff, faculty members and students. After a brief meet and greet with refreshments, the conference started.

Distinguish guests and VIPs including President of Hanseo University Ki Sun Ham, Mayor of Seosan Wan Seob Lee, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Jordan to South Korea Omar Al-Nahar, Founder of Choi Kwang Do Kwang Jo Choi and Chungnam Province Police Commissioner Yang Jae Kim.

After welcoming and congratulatory speeches by the Distinguished Guests, introduction of Choi Kwang Do and university promotional video was presented by Professor Denny Eun (5thdan Master Instructor Choi Kwang Do).

The overall benefits of Choi Kwang Do were presented by Professor Yong Seok Jee and Mr. Robbie Close. This was followed by Professor Seung Jae Kim and Mr. Vladimir Cheptene analyzing the biomechanical principles of Choi Kwang Do punches and kicks. CKD research studies and progress includes:

1.Effects of CKD training on bone density, strength, balance and falling frequency in older people.
2.The Effects of repeated punching or kicking actions on technical execution and cardiopulmonary values in CKD practitioners.
3.Effects of 1 week training camp on motor skills in CKD kids. This was welcomed by the students and participants with great enthusiasm and pleasure.

1st CKD Conference Group Photo – Hanseo University

The university hosts treated us to a library museum tour at the vast campus. The lunch and courteous service was provided by the university and was extremely appreciated by all. After lunch, we toured the CKD Center.

It was now time to depart to see the airfield and the marina that is associated with Hanseo University Campus which is located in Taean. We were escorted to various stages of airline training programs including flight and earthquake simulations which were enjoyed very much by our members.

Next, we were treated by the various stations of Marina activities and training.

It was time for us to say farewell to our Gracious Hosts and special thanks to President Ki Sun Ham.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sightseeing tour of Korea and shopping for souvenirs for family and friends back home. It must be stated that during the evening times, when no official functions were scheduled, various teams were seen at different eateries and going to sing kareoke into the night. Throughout the night we heard Aussie Aussie Aussie! Farewell and goodbyes were on Wednesday 28th of October until our next big 30th anniversary on March 2, 2017!

Korea Seminar Group Photo 2015

See what others are saying about this historical trip:

I, my son Philip and my husband Roman decided to go to Korea. The reason for such a long and expensive trip was very important and serious; Our son Philippe tested and passed the black belt test in front of an international panel in the birth place of the founder and thus realizing his dream. Philip was also invited to take part in the showcase of excellence and Choi Kwang Do seminar. My son has been in Choi Kwang Do for 4 years and during this time our whole family fell in love with Choi Kwang Do. This was an opportunity we couldn’t miss to see Korea and all our friends that we met in London for their 25th anniversary. It was a journey for us which was high cost but a desire to visit the city and the birthplace of Choi Kwang Do founder was very emotional for us. All our efforts have been rewarded and it was a joyful visit that we will remember for the rest of our lives. This magnificent city with stunning ancient fortresses and palaces, with narrow streets and wide avenues, where you can see how Koreans lived before and how they live now. We brought a lot of bright impressions and unusual souvenirs that reflect the color and beauty of this country. Philip participated in contest and won two prizes. We were all very happy. The seminar gave him a lot of new knowledge in the field of Choi Kwang Do. In addition, we met with the new members of the family of Choi Kwang Do and managed to make friends with them.

We all do and love Choi Kwang Do firstly and secondly we love the people we meet within it. To be honest, they are some of the nicest people in my life and now friends from all over the world, my chief instructor is Mr. Greg Evans. We spent in the region of £5,000 including meals and spending money but to be fair we were a bit indulgent at times! We enjoyed the seminar, black belt testing and the camaraderie of all the people at the Korea seminar and festival.

Makenzie and I went to Korea for the opportunity to attend the many events that were held there. These include the Seminar, competition and the CKD Conference at Hanseo University. We enjoyed training and competing with friends that we have made from around the world. We also were looking forward to experiencing a new culture. While taking a trip is a bit of a sacrifice, the experiences and memories that we collected make it all worthwhile.

It was very important for Evrim to attend the seminar and his 2nd degree black belt testing in Korea. We took time out of his school as this is an important part of his growing up process. Not only intellectually, but also mental and physical health. We enjoyed this trip very much and met a lot of wonderful people and it was a trip worthwhile.

It is always a pleasure to see the founder, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, perform all the Choi Kwang Do movements and explain in details how they are performed and executed. After all, he is the founder. As an instructor in Australia I could not miss the opportunity to go to Korea with the Australian team. The whole Korea experience is one that I will treasure forever. ~John Hannon~

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