"Vieeeene Boriiicuaaa! Vieeeene Boriiicuaaa!", filled the ballroom over and over again as the Puerto Rican CKD demonstration team entered the ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Juan on Saturday the 22nd day of September.

Choi Kwang Do was introduced to Puerto Rico in April of 2010 and since then Choi Kwang Do has steadily been growing in the beautiful Caribbean Island under the leadership of Mr. Alfredo Negron and Master Fernando Camareno with their team of instructors.

On Thursday, the 20th of September, Sahjonim Kwang Choi and a team of instructors arrived at the San Juan International Airport to be greeted by all instructors who were attending the seminar and contest. After checking in at the hotel, Grand Master Choi travelled to Las Piedras to meet the enthusiastic students and parents who were waiting eagerly to meet the legendary founder of Choi Kwang Do. After a question and answer session with students and parents, Grand Master Choi posed for photographs.

On Friday, the 21st of September, the preliminary portion of the contest for patterns, speed drills and shield attack commenced at 6pm. An enthusiastic crowd of parents, well wishers witnessed their hometown students participate and took their schools to the finals which was held on Saturday after the seminar. The Choi Kwang Do contest is very different from many Martial Arts tournaments. The goal is to demonstrate proficiency in performing Choi Kwang Do patterns, speed drills and air shield attack. Those students that have chosen to be a part of this program have the opportunity to intensify their training in hopes of increasing their skills, endurance and proficiency.

An enjoyable and educational day was had by the students, instructors and parents who witnessed the 70 year old founder perform with sheer speed, grace and power. There were students from 3 years to 73 years young. They listened carefully to the founder as he explained and demonstrated the 10 components of Choi Kwang Do that makes up the CKD system.

At 8:30pm, the ballroom and stage was set, the live band was ready and Caribbean music filled the air as the Choi Kwang Do dinner banquet, in honor of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi commenced. After a scrumptious dinner [Puerto Rican style] the dancing got underway. The party revelers were still seen leaving the Intercontinental Hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone enjoyed their trip to Puerto Rico and are now looking forward to the 25th anniversary celebrations and contests in London, England May 29 – June 5, 2013. PIL SEUNG!! Are you ready London?!!

* By the way, "Vieeeene Boriiicuaaa" means "Come on Puerto Rico!"

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