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On Friday 30th August 2019 the UK braced itself as an "Incredible Force of Nature" swept into London - Wembley.

The nature of such phenomenon is that no sooner had it arrived, it was gone - within 3 days. In its wake, was left a trail of renewed passion, understanding and excitement.

This force, in the Martial Art world, is known as Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi - the founder of Choi Kwang Do. He had traveled from Atlanta, Georgia - USA with a team of Instructors to the UK to share vision of Choi Kwang Do with his overseas instructors and their students.

Day one began with an instructor meeting in which Grandmaster Choi reminded his instructors as to why his Art is different to the multitude of Martial Arts styles that are being taught in the world today. He meticulously explained the science and principles that govern Choi Kwang Do. After this informative meeting, instructors had the opportunity receive direct instruction from Grandmaster Choi as he conducted the first of five training sessions that were to take place over the course of the next two days.

Day two began at 10:00am with a three hour training session. This was a session that many had NEVER experienced before. Grandmaster Choi began the session with basics, it was during this session that the real understanding and meaning of B.A.S.I.C.S, was brought to light.

It is said that -movement is the key to learning- and that "The development of the mind comes through movement." Through his unique method of teaching, Grandmaster Choi was Bringing Awareness So Instructors Can Succeed in all aspects of their life. This was experienced first hand by instructors; through the mindful practice of Choi Kwang Do's basic techniques.

The afternoon session was initially led by Grandmaster Choi and then the two visiting Master Instructors (from Atlanta - USA) Master Guy Nzamba and Master Jordan Leiva guided the participants through the intricacies of Choi Kwang Do kicking techniques.

After the afternoon training session, members from the general public, Choi Kwang Do students and their families were invited to a presentation by Grandmaster Choi. Those in attendance learned how his revolutionary Marital Art is transforming lives and empowering generations around the world. The audience members also learned how Choi Kwang Do is helping its younger practitioners achieve greater academic success in the studies and school, college and university - this section of the presentation was given by Master Keith Banfield who narrated three recent success stories.

The final day, began with the various types of -warm ups- that can be found in the Choi Kwang Do teaching methodology; including Grandmaster unique "Functional Stretching". Instructors were taken through some of the new aspects of the Choi Kwang Do syllabus and as the final training session came to an end, instructors were given the opportunity to ask Grandmaster Choi questions which provided further clarity to their training

The workshop concluded with a sumptuous instructor meal which was enjoyed by all whom attended.

After three days of mindful Choi Kwang Do training with Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi it was easy to see why he is called "THEE Living Legend".

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