Choi Kwang Do International Workshops

This is where you can sign up for upcoming CKD sponsored workshops. 

This year, in USA and UK, we will be offering intensive 3-day workshops, that will include four to five 3-hour training sessions, an advanced degree test (if any candidates are eligible), a business meeting where we will discuss best practices. These workshops will be open to all instructors (AI, HI and school owners) and any non-instructor adult students brown belt and above.. Our intention is not to exceed 150 participants per workshop.

Grand Master Choi and several Master Instructors from Head Quarters will be present at each workshop. The objective is to provide in depth training that will improve performance and teaching ability of the CKD instructor community.

These workshops are part of a three prong strategy toward excellence, to include:

a) A Video Encyclopedia of “Everything CKD”. Filming of phase one has been finished and is in the process of being edited. This first phase covers all the fundamental colored belt techniques performed by Grand Master Choi in both normal speed and exceptional slow motion. This was recorded in one of Atlanta’s finest film studios, at very high resolution, in a white room using the finest cameras and staff available. b) What I am calling “A Man on the Ground” i.e. a very high quality practitioner that will be employed by CKD Head Quarters to continue to visit schools and conduct regional workshops ongoing to facilitate continuous improvement within the instructor community.

We hope to see you at one of the workshops listed below for what will be an exceptional training and learning experience.

USA Summer Workshop
July 26 – 28

UK Summer Workshop
Aug 30 – Sep 1

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